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      CLM Group represents the epitome of industry leadership and innovation. Spanning multiple sectors including Fireproofing, Fire Testing, and Fire Consultancy services, our subsidiaries are united under a commitment to excellence and high standards. Each branch operates with unparalleled technical skill and a forward-thinking approach. Our group's ethos centres on raising industry standards and pioneering new practices. Join us at CLM Group, where expertise meets innovation.

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The Hyde Group

Fire safety standards in social housing have been heavily scrutinised post-Grenfell. This was a significant factor in CLM Fireproofing’s decision to launch a specialist remedial division. The goal of our division is to raise standards surrounding fire protection in housing associations and local authorities. You can learn more about this by visiting our page dedicated to social housing.

The Hyde Group is a London-based housing association, offering residential accommodation for vulnerable people and those in need of affordable long-term housing. We are brought on board as a passive fire protection contractor working on behalf of Pretium, who specialise in frameworks for construction, property development and fire safety.

CLM Fireproofing provided numerous passive fire protection services to The Hyde Group. The main service we provided was compartmentation, which helps to limit the passage of flames and smoke between walls and floors. This is particularly vital when you consider the rate at which fire can spread in tall buildings and tower blocks.

Additionally, we worked with The Hyde Group to maintain fire doors, helping to ensure that they not only provide a clear means of exit but that they also prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Finally, our team of experts carried out professional drylining and boarding. This offered multiple benefits, not just in terms of fire protection and resistance but also soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Our team is dedicated to sharing knowledge of fire protection best practice amongst Local Authorities. This goes beyond installations and inspections and includes professional technical support and guidance, specialist project management and continued professional development (CPD) sessions.

Unfortunately, some contractors can be disruptive in the ways they carry out installations. CLM Fireproofing, however, understands working in occupied premises requires sensitivity and care.

With years of experience in the industry, our team of specialists conduct themselves with the utmost respect and professionalism. As part of this, they always ensure that they leave a project resolved and in perfect condition.